Aaron + Victoria Engagement in Nashville

I had such a fun day with Victoria and Aaron in Cumberland park for their engagement session.  We met up with our fingers crossed that the rain would hold off that was threatening to fall on us, and ended up having a gorgeous wind hit before we finished the shoot right in time.  Victoria and Aaron have been best friends since they were kids, and Aaron proposed to her at Disney World:) I can’t wait for their amazing wedding day coming up!  Check out the highlights below:

VictoriaAaron-12 VictoriaAaron-3 VictoriaAaron-2 VictoriaAaron-4 VictoriaAaron-5 VictoriaAaron-7 VictoriaAaron-9 VictoriaAaron-14 VictoriaAaron-13 VictoriaAaron-16 VictoriaAaron-19 VictoriaAaron-21 VictoriaAaron-24 VictoriaAaron-25 VictoriaAaron-30 VictoriaAaron-35 VictoriaAaron-32 VictoriaAaron-28 VictoriaAaron-36 VictoriaAaron-37 VictoriaAaron-42 VictoriaAaron-38 VictoriaAaron-40 VictoriaAaron-41 VictoriaAaron-54 VictoriaAaron-46 VictoriaAaron-47 VictoriaAaron-48 VictoriaAaron-52 VictoriaAaron-51 VictoriaAaron-53 VictoriaAaron-45 VictoriaAaron-56 VictoriaAaron-60 VictoriaAaron-59 VictoriaAaron-65 VictoriaAaron-64 VictoriaAaron-69 VictoriaAaron-70 VictoriaAaron-72 VictoriaAaron-71 VictoriaAaron-76 VictoriaAaron-75 VictoriaAaron-68 VictoriaAaron-73 VictoriaAaron-81 VictoriaAaron-82.3

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