Aaron + Victoria Wedding at Mint Springs Farm

Well I had an amazing holiday getting to spend time at this wedding day!  Victoria & Aaron’s wedding was on July 4th at Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville, TN.  I had the joy of meeting the couple for a fantastic engagement session in Nashville a few months before, and knew it was going to be a wonderful union for the two of them.  We had a gorgeous few hours of getting ready and photos before the ceremony under the Mint Springs pavilion, and then the downpour came.   Luckily the venue is built for times like these, and the reception was a hit, with touching speeches from the couple’s parents that made way to a bumping party.  Check out the highlights below!

Venue- Mint Springs Farm

DJ- Snyder Entertainment

Catering- Chef Penelope’s

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aaaZambrano-528 ZambranoN-86 Zambrano-583.2 Zambrano-594 Zambrano-644 Zambrano-635 Zambrano-673 Zambrano-698 Zambrano-699.2 Zambrano-701 Zambrano-702.1 Zambrano-705 Zambrano-714 Zambrano-717 Zambrano-728 Zambrano-755 Zambrano-799 Zambrano-804 Zambrano-815 Zambrano-818 Zambrano-821

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