Abigail + Austin Engagement in Nashville, TN

I got to meet Abigail and Austin this past weekend and we enjoyed the colder side of Nashville for their engagement shoot.  It’s been icing and storming for the past week or so, and we decided to take advantage of it instead of be put off.  Their wedding day is in August this year and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot.  Take a look at some of the highlights below:

AbigailAustin-13 AbigailAustin-1 AbigailAustin-4 AbigailAustin-5 AbigailAustin-10bw AbigailAustin-12 AbigailAustin-15 AbigailAustin-19 AbigailAustin-18 AbigailAustin-22 AbigailAustin-24bw AbigailAustin-29 AbigailAustin-32 AbigailAustin-77 AbigailAustin-36 AbigailAustin-38 AbigailAustin-35 AbigailAustin-59 AbigailAustin-63 AbigailAustin-68 AbigailAustin-75square AbigailAustin-76 AbigailAustin-71 AbigailAustin-65 AbigailAustin-70 AbigailAustin-78 AbigailAustin-44 AbigailAustin-81 AbigailAustin-83 AbigailAustin-84 AbigailAustin-45 AbigailAustin-41bw AbigailAustin-85 AbigailAustin-46 AbigailAustin-87 AbigailAustin-90bw AbigailAustin-93 AbigailAustin-47 AbigailAustin-92 AbigailAustin-50 AbigailAustin-54 AbigailAustin-97 AbigailAustin-53 AbigailAustin-98 AbigailAustin-103 AbigailAustin-104 AbigailAustin-109 AbigailAustin-107 AbigailAustin-106 AbigailAustin-113

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