About Me

My name is Rae…

About Rae Marshall - Hawaii Wedding Photographer

 and I’m just using my camera to bring magic into my life and those around me. I started photography 12 years ago and have never once looked back.  I’m grateful to have been given amazing experiences and met many wonderful people through my journey.

I love all kinds of creative portraiture, and weddings are something special.  It is an amazing gift for me to capture memories and meaning in your life and preserve them for years to come.

And it’s really fun to get invited to a nice party on an island every weekend!


My style is a mix between natural, timeless, posed & journalistic, with a bit of a fashion flair.

 I believe that life should be beautiful, and I love to catch it in a light that helps us remember it that way. Your portraits aren’t about me, they’re about you. It’s your story and I’m just the storyteller that gets to write it all down.

– Rae

Things I love…

my two cats

my perfect babies- Jack & Dragon. They are always hanging with me, no matter where I am in the house.

my husband

My husband & I's wedding day! I highly recommend getting married to your best friend from college.


Favorite Places: the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Nashville, Charleston, Ireland, and OAHU!


I loove korean pop music. Their artists and music videos are very fashion heavy and artistic, a photographer's dream!


I can't resist edgy heels, chic black accessories and a great instagram photo.

my sisters

I'm the oldest of 4 sisters, and yes, we all get along. They are all incredible in their own way. My dad is so lucky.

Now Booking: Oahu and the Hawaii Islands and surrounding areas