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the islands...
live. love. aloha.

Hi! I'm Rae and I live in Hawaii. Yes, I think it IS as amazing as it sounds! I started photography 12 years ago and have never once looked back.  Someone asked me recently why I love photography so much, and the answer is pretty simple. It opens my eyes to the beauty around us every day.  It's my job to know the most breathtaking places on the island, to notice those special moments on your wedding day, to find and capture each person's most beautiful qualities.

Q: What's your favorite thing to photograph? 

A: I definitely love weddings because I love documenting relationships. Those special people are the most important parts of our lives. I love photographing anything that involves couples, and also making people feel like STUNNERS.  Engagements, maternity, senior portraits, models, family = *heart eyes*

I believe that life should be remembered as beautifully as it felt when it happened.

Your portraits aren't about me, they're about you. It's your story and I'm just the storyteller that gets to write it all down.

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