Alaina Senior Portraits || Oahu Senior Photographer

I got to stop in Huntsville and meet up with Alaina right before I head out to Hawaii at the end of May to get her Senior Portraits done.  This girl is so stunning and I loved the looks she brought with her to her session.  I loved the subtle purple streak in her hair that was not overpowering but showed a bit of extra personality!  If you are a dancer there is no question, I have to take some in your element and we ended the shoot in one of her gorgeous dance outfits.  Take a look at the highlights below!

2017-04-18_0002 2017-04-18_0003 2017-04-18_0004 2017-04-18_0005 2017-04-18_0006 2017-04-18_0007 2017-04-18_0008 2017-04-18_0009 2017-04-18_0010 2017-04-18_0011 2017-04-18_0012 2017-04-18_0013 2017-04-18_0014 2017-04-18_0015 2017-04-18_0017 2017-04-18_0016 2017-04-18_0018 2017-04-18_0019 2017-04-18_0020 2017-04-18_0021 2017-04-18_0022 2017-04-18_0024 2017-04-18_0023

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