Alex+Ben Wedding at Loveless Barn in Franklin, TN

Loved this sweet wedding at the Loveless Barn with Kelsey Harrison Photography this past summer.  Alex and Ben were such a great easy going couple, Alex even wore her favorite comfortable pair of shoes to top off her stunning look.  Nashville has such great style, The Loveless Barn a testament to our gorgeous Southern charm.  Check out the highlights below:


Alex Ben-4 Alex Ben-3 Alex Ben-67 Alex Ben-68 Alex Ben-6 Alex Ben-7 Alex Ben-8 Alex Ben-9 Alex Ben-11 Alex Ben-14 Alex Ben-15 Alex Ben-16 Alex Ben-17 Alex Ben-20 Alex Ben-21 Alex Ben-22 Alex Ben-39 Alex Ben-40 Alex Ben-24 Alex Ben-25 Alex Ben-27 Alex Ben-28 Alex Ben-29 Alex Ben-31 Alex Ben-32 Alex Ben-33 Alex Ben-35 Alex Ben-37 Alex Ben-38 Alex Ben-41 Alex Ben-42 Alex Ben-47 Alex Ben-45 Alex Ben-46 Alex Ben-48 Alex Ben-50 Alex Ben-52 Alex Ben-53 Alex Ben-66 Alex Ben-69 Alex Ben-61 Alex Ben-74 Alex Ben-59 Alex Ben-76 Alex Ben-78 Alex Ben-79 Alex Ben-80 Alex Ben-81 Alex Ben-82 Alex Ben-83 Alex Ben-85 Alex Ben-86 Alex Ben-87 Alex Ben-56 Alex Ben-64 Alex Ben-65 Alex Ben-55 Alex Ben-58 Alex Ben-88 Alex Ben-89 Alex Ben-90 Alex Ben-91 Alex Ben-92 Alex Ben-93 Alex Ben-94 Alex Ben-97 Alex Ben-99 Alex Ben-100 Alex Ben-101 Alex Ben-102 Alex Ben-103 Alex Ben-98 Alex Ben-96 Alex Ben-95

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