Ashley+Matt Wedding at Mint Springs Farm

I got to be a part of Matt and Ashley’s wedding at Mint Springs Farm on April 26th, and it was just beautiful! What an amazing day, and it was a joy to see everyone happy and enjoying the event. Ashley was a beautiful bride with a breathtaking dress, and Mint Springs Farm never disappoints with their fantastic venue and planning. Check out the highlights here!
Venue: Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville
Makeup: Ariane @Katie Russo Beauty
Catering: Chef Penelope’s Catering
DJ: Brad Ford @ Snyder Entertainment
Daly-27 Daly-10 Daly-5 Daly-8 Daly-12 Daly-13 Daly-17 Daly-220 NDaly-27 Daly-35 Daly-51 Daly-67 Daly-61 NDaly-17 NDaly-18 Daly-121 NDaly-5 Daly-148 Daly-161 Daly-41 Daly-44 Daly-228 Daly-82 Daly-89 Daly-101 Daly-104 Daly-164 Daly-166 Daly-170 Daly-186 Daly-182 Daly-196 Daly-275 Daly-277 Daly-298 Daly-255 Daly-306 Daly-313 Daly-316 Daly-319 Daly-325 Daly-335 NDaly-45 Daly-364 Daly-375 Daly-378 Daly-383 Daly-388 Daly-398 Daly-405 Daly-249 Daly-236 Daly-415 Daly-267 Daly-418 Daly-425 Daly-430 Daly-431 Daly-453 NDaly-85 Daly-483 Daly-486 Daly-496 Daly-508 Daly-529 Daly-582 Daly-547 Daly-558 Daly-560 Daly-561 Daly-566I have to stop and explain these next two images. ¬†The DJ, Brad joked on the mic as a related song came on that if any two guys could reenact the pose at the end of Dirty Dancing, he’d give them a reward. ¬†Apparently the guys took it as a challenge, and here were the attempts:
Daly-575 Daly-576 Daly-539 Daly-590 Daly-476

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