Best of 2015- Rae Marshall Photography

Wow… going through all my images is such a crazy thing for me to put together because each photograph reminds me of the day, the time in my life, the place my life was in and the time I devoted to creating all the pieces below.

This year was full of a lot of beautiful portraits and weddings, from Nashville to Florida, a visit to giant photography convention WPPI and two visits to LA.

I got married to my husband Philip on September 5th, 2015!

I picked up my first baby, my cat Dragon on July 17th

We got Jack, our second kitten on September 14th

I went to Las Vegas, Santa Rosa Beach in 30a, Chattanooga, Birmingham, New York, Huntsville, New Orleans, Destin, Montgomery, Los Angeles and of course back and forth between Pensacola and my dear Nashville.

We’ll be in Music City to end this year for Christmas with the whole family and I just can’t wait for the new year and what new experiences will occur.

AprilN-169 Felvey-318 Ashley-28 Bridget_Paint-20 Scott-123 Cassandra-23 Charity Roof-39 Cox-140
Madison-17 Curry-170 Britni_Drew-31 Dawkins-57 Alyssa-38 Lane-46bw Lisa-17 Desert-80 Swingle-88 Glenn_Josh-9 Sarah_Guy-44 Desert-90 Emily-49 Jade-63 Nikita_Jeff-1 Emily-236 airpark-13 Prevatte-682 Bridget1-4 krista-6 Felvey-716 Megan-2 Foster-64 Francis-46 TylerN-158 aaaKelsie-39 Burgess-15 Francis-250 Madison-45 Frankenstein_Bride-6 Schrenk_engagement-33 Glenn_Josh-238 Glenn_Josh-130 shannon3 Harwood-417 Britni_Drew-52 Megan-57 Zambrano-110 Taylor-39 Prevatte-334 Jade-28 Curry-441 Jordan_Choices-42 Julia_Magwan-61 Charity Headshots-19 Katelyn-152 aaNovember Styled Shoot Mary Trey-73 Emily-24 Price-168 Katie-16 krista-19 Dawkins-115 Sarah_Guy-34 Francis-421 Jordan_Choices-112 Seal-217 Lauren-4 Nikita_Jeff-62 Lauren-54 Lisa-8 Liz-8bw Madison-Jake-6 MacMurray-36 Taylor-19 Felvey-564 Lisa-18 Nicole_Matt-63 Dawkins-103 Taryn-105 Zambrano-107.1 Alyssa-2 Foster-34 Madison-Jake-95 Scott-322 Marissa-22 aaNovember Styled Shoot Mary Trey-46 Swingle-66 Emily-223 Megan-49 Harwood-270 Michelle-5 Prevatte-106 VictoriaAaron-64 Jade-51 Zambrano-258 aaNovember Styled Shoot Mary Trey-69 Katie-8 Prevatte-292 Michelle-51 TylerN-57 Price-52 Rachel-36 preview2-1 aaaElizabeth_Rob-27 Price-323 Shore_Shooters_WKS_Rae-13 Prevatte-475 snervous Taylor-45 Ritzman-434 Price-691 Prevatte-58 Harwood-548 Shootout-18 aafbJack cup-1 Scott-598 Prevatte-49 Seal-80 Shaina-47 Shootout-34 Sonja-34 Shootout-64 AprilN-248 Shore_Shooters_WKS_Rae-29 Taylor_Hallo-23 Charity LA-1 NicolePatrick-76 Taylor-7 Taylor-48 taylorN2-1 Trisha_April-40 Taylor-22 Michelle-42 aaDRae_Bone_DragonF Katie-7

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