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LIFE IN HAWAII – my first month

Aloha friends!  It’s been the most hectic month of my life (that I can think of right this second) and things are finally a bit calmer than when we first got here so I have a few moments to write about more of my time on Oahu.  This is honestly the first few days I’ve been able to take a moment and work on more than getting situated in Hawaii, going out and seeing more of the island while my husband had leave, and photographing!

It’s been great to be so busy in many ways, I don’t like being in a place where there isn’t a lot happening so it’s been amazing that there is so much to do, so many people here who want to get together and so much culture.  This is a photography location of a life time so there are many people who want to have their destination weddings, engagement and family photos done here.

There’s no better way to talk more about Hawaii than by showing you so here is my new update video on Life in Hawaii:


Rae’s Video Update- NEW





First Sessions on Oahu:

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Oahu Family & Maternity – Annaliesa

Oahu Maternity Photographer

Makapu’u & Downtown Honolulu Engagement

Oahu engagement photographer

Editorial Portraits near Waimanalo – Mandy

Hawaii model photographer

Bride & Groom Photos – Eddie and Cherry in Hawaii

Oahu wedding photographer

Homecoming on MCBH on Oahu

Oahu homecoming photographer

Our First Week in Hawaii

Waikiki wedding photographer

Wow guys sessions on the island keep getting better and better.  My first family & engagement session in Hawaii is here and it’s with Annaliesa and her gorgeous family!  Baby number 2 is coming soon and she is the most stunning mother ever!  Her sweet daughter was also excited to be in photos, but maybe more excited to have an excuse to play in the water.

Our session at Hale Koa beach was beautiful and I got to see more of how quickly the weather changes in Hawaii.  It was super bright at first, then very overcast all of a sudden and ending with a soft and gorgeous sky.  I loved her Haku lei and I’m looking forward to photographing more people adorned in flowers here.

Check out the highlights below!


Haku Lei- Picket Fence Florist in Kailua

oahu family photographerhawaii maternity photographerhonolulu maternity photographeroahu maternity photographer


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It’s been two weeks in Hawaii and it’s been wonderful to jump right into photographing amazing couples.  Joselyn and Gerold met when they were both serving in the military in Afghanistan and started dating when they returned.  They are now stationed in Hawaii, but Gerold is still a country boy at heart so we took some of their engagement images with classic cowboy boots to showcase that part of their lives!

We met at on the Makapu’u path with a view of the water in the background and gorgeous fields that turn into mountains.  Then we headed to Downtown Honolulu for a more classic look with lights in the night.  Their wedding day in Hawaii is going to be an amazing celebration of these two’s union.  Check out their highlights below:

As a photographer it’s pretty amazing to be living in Hawaii now, all my sessions are going to be so much more exciting!  I was raving the entire time we were here on this session as I’m used to photographing in fields and forests and maybe get a lake once in a while in the South.  Those things are all beautiful in their own way, but it’s pretty amazing to be photographing on these beautiful rocks with the ocean crashing over them, especially since I’ve not been living near anything like this before.

There are endless spots on the island to explore, many needing hikes and take a while to get to, so I have a lot more work to do. I’m looking forward to getting into the Hawaii fashion photographer scene here with it’s unique style and I met up with Mandy, who showed me this gorgeous spot.

I love photographing models and portraits and am looking forward to continuing that in Hawaii!

Model- Mandy Butler @mangomeow

Halona's blowhole portraitsOahu fashion photographerOahu portrait photographerHawaii fashion photographerHawaii portrait photographerLanai lookout portrait


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It’s been such a dream since a week ago when we got off the plane and officially moved to Hawaii.  We’ve been busy with looking for a place to live and trying to make due with one car while the other is shipped over and many other things but I couldn’t wait to start photographing on these incredible beaches!

Cherry and Eddie are recently married but didn’t get many bride and groom images of themselves, so they were the perfect pair to photograph and celebrate their time on the island as well!  I’m learning about all of the beaches and locations on the island and enjoyed this session on Ft. Hase on MCBH.

Now booking weddings, elopements, engagements and more on Oahu and the other Hawaii Islands!

Cedarwood is one of the most gorgeous venues in Nashville and was such a fitting location for DJ and MaryEllen’s wedding day.  These two are such artistic and kind souls and it was clear that everyone who knows them adores them.  I absolutely loved all the musical touches on their wedding day, including a song sung by groomsmen plus additional friends at the ceremony, and DJ & MaryEllen playing a song to their loving guests at the reception.  MaryEllen was a breathtaking bride and I loved her choice to go barefoot for the day!  Check out the highlights below:


I met Ashley on my second day in Hawaii on the Marine base, where my husband and I stayed while we were looking for a house here.  She offered to take me around to see some beaches in the area because she is a kind and caring soul, and I also got to meet her sweet daughter Maci.  I found out that her husband has been deployed for 6 months and he was coming home from Japan in a week.

Fast forward to homecoming day!  We were told a million different times and then they were delayed and moved forward and delayed again.  Typical!  Ashley wasn’t sure how Maci would react since her dad had been gone for a while and she’s still very young, but they have skyped and talked as much as they can together so she was optimistic that Maci would recognize and be excited to see Alex.

The group finally marched toward their waiting family and friends and Ashley held her sign up while Maci watched them approach. When Alex stood in front of his family, Maci ran toward him and wouldn’t let go.  She obviously loves her father.  It was beautiful.  Please enjoy these highlights below!



Well you may have seen by now but I’m officially living in Hawaii!  It’s hard to describe what our first week has been like.  I had never even visited before so it’s been quite a learning experience about the island itself.

We first arrived to the airport at 3:30pm or 9:30pm where we left from.  It’s an older building full of gorgeous flowers and happy people, a lot like the rest of the island.  We picked up our cats with no problems when we arrived (thank goodness, the cats were such a hassle to get here) and were given leis on arrival by a new friend of ours (thank you Vanessa Hicks!).  We tried to stay up as long as possible to catch up with the time change and had our first look at Kailua for dinner.

Over the past week I’ve been happy to see so much diversity here. There are a lot of Japanese locals and tourists and we’re going to be getting used to eating ramen all the time.  There are chickens on the side of the road and it’s 70 degrees all the time (currently).  We have no idea how to pronounce any of the street names yet but we are getting there.

We actually did more than what I have in this video but it was my first time “vlogging” and I may do a few more videos about Hawaii if anyone is interested in learning more about island life.

Please enjoy this video of highlights of our first week and photos below!




What a treat to meet up with these two after photographing their wedding in the past to celebrate the entrance of baby Caleb in their lives!  Aaron and Victoria are such fantastic people and it was a joy to see them again in this new exciting stage of life.  We got some outdoor images and then popped into Caleb’s nursery, which was decorated sweetly with travel items and a globe.  I kept commenting how happy and sweet Caleb was and he absolutely loved being in front of the camera!  He’s going to be a heart stopper for sure.  Check out the highlights below!

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”

When Dina contacted me about photographing her wedding in Los Angeles, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  The first reason is because this enchanting venue, Villa Del Sol D’oro is incredible and my favorite style of home, with an italian look and a fairytale vibe.  DREAM VENUE.

The next reason is their amazing love story!  Dina and Alan met when she was only 19 and almost dated, but never did.  29 years later, after wondering about the other all that time they kept almost running into each other until finally they met again.  This time Alan didn’t let Dina get away and they get to spend the rest of their lives together!

Dina styled her wedding day like the fairytale story that it is, with vibrant blues and glittering golds.  Her dress was fit for a princess and complete with a tiara.  Everything about the day was so perfect, and they truly had a dream wedding day.  Check out the highlights below!


Villa Del Sol D'Oro Weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro wedding

villa del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro wedding

villa del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro weddingvilla del sol d'oro wedding