Blue Ridge Mountains Engagement || Zach & Marissa

When my sister got engaged I was so incredibly excited for her.  She is my biggest fan, and I am hers.  We both thought we could do something a little different for her engagement images and settled on a mountain range we could make it to in one day (barely).  The Blue Ridge Mountains are even more incredible than we imagined.  The hike was also more incredible than we imagined, but we mostly forgot about it once we reached the top.

The adventure we had from this hilarious and perfect road trip to Hawksbill Mountain was worth it alone, but the images will last forever.  I love you guys and I can’t wait for your wedding day.  Celebrate the ones you love guys.  It is all that matters.

“I feel closer to the clouds
I’m touching all the highest leaves
On top of the trees my desire’s release
So we let it rain…
On our skin you’re holding my hand I’m holding your life
and feel like I’m one with you”



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