Bowman Homecoming || Hawaii Homecoming Photographer

I met Ashley on my second day in Hawaii on the Marine base, where my husband and I stayed while we were looking for a house here.  She offered to take me around to see some beaches in the area because she is a kind and caring soul, and I also got to meet her sweet daughter Maci.  I found out that her husband has been deployed for 6 months and he was coming home from Japan in a week.

Fast forward to homecoming day!  We were told a million different times and then they were delayed and moved forward and delayed again.  Typical!  Ashley wasn’t sure how Maci would react since her dad had been gone for a while and she’s still very young, but they have skyped and talked as much as they can together so she was optimistic that Maci would recognize and be excited to see Alex.

The group finally marched toward their waiting family and friends and Ashley held her sign up while Maci watched them approach. When Alex stood in front of his family, Maci ran toward him and wouldn’t let go.  She obviously loves her father.  It was beautiful.  Please enjoy these highlights below!