Brent & Lauren Wedding in Montgomery AL

It was a joy to be a part of Brent & Lauren’s wedding day in Montgomery Alabama for many reasons.  The first is that Lauren is an incredible photographer herself, and she wanted to take some time and head to a historic location for some bride and groom images that are some of my favorites ever!

There was a lot of support from the many who came to this couple’s celebration and it was clear they are very loved.  Their ceremony was held just after sunset on the Alley Station rooftop and led to a giant party downstairs afterwards.  Even though Lauren’s matron of honor, Reagan was unable to make it due to an unexpected hospital visit, she was so present through others throughout the day.

There were many emotional and joyous moments throughout their wedding day and I’m so honored to have been a part of it.  And now onto the highlights below!

Venue- Alley Station
Cake- Liger’s Bakery
Bartending- B&B Bartending
Catering- Dreamland Catering
Flowers Amanda Rylant @ Flower by Amanda
Videography- Luke Lindgren Cinematography

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