Chelsea + James Wedding in Chattanooga

I can’t gush enough about how perfect this gorgeous wedding day was.  We all woke up preparing ourselves for a downpour the entire day, and instead the weather gave us a gorgeous sunset and smiled down on Chelsea and James during their ceremony.

Chelsea was truly radiant and lived up to her tattoo “Once Upon a Time” for this fairytale dream wedding.   The flowers were some of my favorite I’ve ever seen, and the light pink textured cake was a perfect cherry on top.

The love Chelsea and James have was apparent throughout the entire day, and it was a joy to be a part of such a sweet celebration.  Please enjoy some of the highlights below!

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Getting Ready- The Read House

Florist- Faith Pressley

Catering- Dish T’Pass

Cake & Desserts – Yellow Cake Company

Videography- JB Videography

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