Chelsea+Raymond Wedding at The BJCC in Birmingham

I can only start out by saying this was the most unique wedding I’ve ever photographed! Raymond and Chelsea run the Kami-Con Convention held every year in Birmingham, Alabama at the BJCC. It is an annual 3 day anime convention that includes many interactive events such as visiters arriving in cosplay costumes, vendors selling anime merchandise, contests, speakers and much more.
Raymond and Chelsea’s wedding day was full of personality and fit them perfectly. Getting ready took place at the Westin Hotel and the ceremony was held at a room in the convention itself, featuring famous hologram singer Hastune Miku as the pastor and Doctor Who Robot as the flower girl. All in all it was a wonderful experience getting to be a part of their love story in a place they brought to life.
Location: BJCC in Birmingham
Wedding and Bridal Party:  The Bride & Groom: Bridal Boutique, House of Tux
Hair/Makeup: Amy Mclaurine
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