Cliffs of Moher in Ireland || Chase & Jeri

Cliffs of Moher Photosession in Ireland

I couldn’t help but really want to do a photo session while in Ireland, because who wouldn’t?!  Chase, who is my brother in law and his girlfriend were traveling with us, which made finding models available and able to travel to the cliffs quite a bit more convenient.

The challenges

We arrived at the cliffs on a very rare sunny day in Ireland and not at the optimal golden hour time, so I had quite a challenge photographing in what we photographers call “bad light” and making it flattering.  It was also probably 40 degrees and we had about 20-30 minutes before our van was ready to head back!

With all that said we managed to come away with some lovely images by the Cliffs.  So here are those results from the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher.



If you happen to be getting married in Ireland, YES I’m flattered I’d love to join.

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2016-12-30_0001 2016-12-30_0003 2016-12-30_0004 aaIreland-40

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aaIreland-53 2016-12-30_0013 2016-12-30_0014 2016-12-30_0017 2016-12-30_0016



aaIreland-25 2016-12-30_0018 2016-12-30_0015 2016-12-31_0003


aaIreland-65 2016-12-30_0020



2017-01-01_0038 2016-12-30_0022 a2016-12-30_0023

See more from my trip at:  Dublin Travel Images – The Blog Post

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