Corey Portraits – Hawaii Fashion Photographer

This past week has been one of the most hectic I can remember, with all of our things being packed up right before my trip to LA.  I flew back into Raleigh just as Corey and the play he is touring with across the world came into town!

I met Corey over 10 years ago in middle school.  I think it is incredible that we have known each other through out much of our lives and seen each other grow up.  He is an amazing talent and is a cast member in “Finding Neverland” on their first traveling tour.  I saw the play and was BLOWN AWAY by how inspiring and amazing it was.  Corey is also an awesome photographer and does headshots, dance images and more in New York when he’s not on the road.

We decided to do a quick day trip to an art museum in Raleigh and tiptoed around trying to not get thrown out.  Then we decided the rain on the glass wall just outside the museum was the best part of the whole art exhibit.  I love keeping photography fun, and that’s one thing this day did for me.

Corey Rives – Actor

Corey Rives- Photography