Doug the Pug and Leslie

If you haven’t heard of Doug the Pug, you may not be as obsessed with the internet as the rest of us.  As of right this moment this famous pup has almost 3 million followers of facebook, all because of “momager” (as she calls herself) Leslie Mosier.  She truly loves her dog and started taking photos and videos of Doug with a funny spin, using props and popular culture in her posts.  Leslie is such a wonderful person on her own, and I’ve loved getting to work with her and her partner.  Here are some images of the two of them together out and about in Nashville!

Doug the Pug Facebook Page

Doug Coffee-4 Doug Coffee-12 Doug Coffee-5 Doug Coffee-8 Doug Coffee-11 Doug Coffee-20 Doug Coffee-23 Doug Coffee-25 Doug Coffee-27 Doug Coffee-32 Doug Coffee-33 Doug Coffee-41 Leslie1-4 Leslie1-3 Leslie1-5 Leslie1-6 Leslie1-7 Leslie1-9 Leslie1-16bw Leslie1-18 Leslie1-21 Leslie1-22 Leslie1-23 Leslie1-29 Leslie1-33 Leslie1-35 Leslie1-38 Leslie1-40 Leslie1-42 Leslie1-47 Leslie1-48 Leslie2-3 Leslie2-8

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