How to dream BIG for your engagement shoot

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I’m the type of girl who likes to dress up.  When I got engaged, I knew that out of all the wedding planning, I was going to go all out with our engagement session.  I know the power of photography in making memories, but I also just wanted to take advantage of a time that I’m allowed to get photos of the man I love and I together!

Your engagement session together is a day where you both dress up, go out to a unique location, and get to hang out for 2 hours.  There’s already an opportunity to make this is a special event the two of you can look back on fondly.

Turn the engagement session experience itself into its own special memory that you two can share.  it’s a unique day for the two of you to celebrate each other!


It’s all about the outfits

One of the most fun parts about planning engagement sessions with my couples is that you have endless opportunities to created a styled, classy session with you and your fiance.  I think dressing to suit your personalities is very important, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear the same clothes you go to the store in every day.  Take your personalities, and amp it up!

I want to give you PERMISSION to get a little out of the box for your engagement session.

Now is your chance to justify buying your favorite clothing pieces.  Where is the best time to wear it?  Forever in your engagement images 😛

Imagine you are styling yourself for a magazine editorial.  I would always recommend choosing items that won’t go out of style in 2 years.  You can never go wrong with a flattering dress and heels.  Or if you’re the edgier type, then it’s great style yourself that way instead and pick out unique textures and cuts.

** By the way, it’s okay to wear white for your engagement shoot!


Think of key words to help you narrow down your style

How would you describe the two of you as a couple?  If you can help pinpoint ways to think of how you want your session styled to a word or two, it can help direct you in making decisions about items to bring and wear.  For example, here are some great words to narrow down the choices:

  • Classic, Boho, Elegant, Southern, Hipster, Editorial, Sporty, Casual, Minimalistic, etc.

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Quick Engagement Session Planning Tips

  • You can have a more casual engagement outfit, and one dressy for variety
  • Think of items you could bring that tells your story together
  • A gorgeous statement piece – necklace, hat, shoes
  • Consider booking a hair/makeup, or schedule your bridal trial that day
  • Pinterest is great for inspiration. Send your board! (But not as a shot list…)
  • Refer to your photographer’s recommendation for best time of day to shoot

Big Props – Thumbs UP

If you have access to a bigger unique prop, your photographer will love you, and it will give you two something to play and pose off of.  You have a vintage bike?  BRING IT.  A friend with a horse?  YESS.  You can bring your pet if you have a special connection with them!  You get the idea 😛

These bigger props can be so helpful because they create a “new background” instead of just somewhere outdoors, and adds interest because it’s something unique to your session.


Whether you want to go all out for your engagement session, or just want to keep it fun and relaxed, it’s all about a celebration for the two of you.  Stay true to yourselves and enjoy it!

I hope you have the best time living up your engagement, until next time!

<3 Rae

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