Dreamscape- Submission

I have taken hundreds of thousands of photos.  Isn’t that crazy?  My last camera body registered at 200,000 photos taken since I started my photography journey, and I have 3 other bodies.  It’s now been 10 years since I first picked up a camera.

Needless to say choosing a photo story for submission was a bit of a daunting task.  The photo art pieces and experiences that have come from my photography career so far is perhaps my proudest accomplishment.  I love what I do.  I love it because of what it gives back to me, which is the excuse to live bigger.

There is one photo series I did that stands apart from the rest.  The models are my two little sisters, women who I adore and see as a little bit magical.  This set was done right as they were leaving childhood behind.  I came into my hometown and asked my sisters the night before if they would get up at the crack of dawn for some morning photos in masks and blankets.

They playfully groaned, and then laughed and nodded excitedly, because they are no strangers to my ideas and love being apart of them.  It is always a running joke between my sisters who got to claim being in the most images with me for the year.   I love being able to make them feel special and beautiful.

That morning our alarms in the house went off as we awoke to a pitch black sky, and we dragged ourselves out of bed onto the golf course behind our house.  My parents unexpectedly emerged from their rooms too, not wanting to be left out of the experience and happy to watch.

That’s what this set means to me, it is a memory for my family.  The scene was styled to imitate a dream, but that morning we ran across the golf course while the sun rose as a family and it became real.

So, I hope you enjoy a sample of where my true passion is in photography.


Here is my favorite series:  Dreamscape


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