Dublin, Ireland || Rae Marshall Photography

I have just arrived home from my first time visiting Ireland and I’ve been looking over images with my cat happily purring beside me.

Traveling always refreshes my passion for learning and getting out of my safety zone, and our time in Dublin and the surrounding areas was one of my favorite places I’ve been so far.  There is so much rich history and culture, and the people are truly warm and kind.   Until the past 40 years or so Ireland has not been a big tourist destination, and is still largely untouched by the outside world.

I am actually around 1/4 Irish with my great grandmother being a McBride.  I feel a drive to learn even more about this heritage and hope to return someday!

If anyone is interested in getting married in Ireland, TAKE ME WITH YOU.

See more at: Cliffs of Moher in Ireland– Couples Session


See more at: Cliffs of Moher in Ireland– Couples Session