Erin, David & baby – Riley is here lifestyle

Okay so…. turns out I may have fallen in love with home lifestyle sessions!

Erin and David have welcomed home this gorgeous ray of light, Riley into the world!  I was so overjoyed to capture some memories of this time for them.  I met the Lueschers for a maternity session a few months back in a gorgeous Florida outdoor setting.  I’ve been saying baby photography isn’t for me, but was convinced to come by for a bit and do some lifestyle images.

WELL sign me up for more of this, because I’m freaking out at how perfect this session is!  Riley was honestly an unreal model for the first few minutes, where she smiled and posed with her mother in this dream home for photographs.  Then we got dad in a few and made it to the end where she finally had enough of the camera for one morning.

Riley has officially swayed me.  As of this moment I will now book your gorgeous baby lifestyle sessions.  Who can resist?
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