Evan + Taylor Wedding at Mint Springs Farm

I met Taylor months ago at a local coffee shop in Nashville when she was passing through town, to talk about her gorgeous dream wedding at one of the most beautiful venues we have.  Taylor and Evan both live in New Jersey, but Nashville holds a special place in Taylor’s heart and she wanted to share that love with her family and friends.  Everyone came down to Music City to celebrate the couple’s union in a beautiful celebration.  They came, they experienced the south, and they danced.  It was very obvious that they have such a close knit family who loves and supports them, what a wonderful story to have witnessed.  Check out their highlights below! Felvey-5 Felvey-23 Felvey-16 Felvey-3 Felvey-11 Felvey-39 Felvey-20 Felvey-70 Felvey-71 Felvey-47 Felvey-54 FelveyN-67 FelveyN-75 FelveyN-77 FelveyN-76 Felvey-65 Felvey-63 Felvey-75 Felvey-78 Felvey-30 Felvey-99 Felvey-105 Felvey-107 aaaFelvey-110 Felvey-112 Felvey-114 Felvey-118 Felvey-120 Felvey-124 Felvey-187 Felvey-182 Felvey-294 Felvey-288 Felvey-280 FelveyN-104 Felvey-273 Felvey-130 Felvey-136 Felvey-150 Felvey-155 Felvey-215 Felvey-232 Felvey-240 Felvey-243 Felvey-170 Felvey-180 Felvey-250 Felvey-312 Felvey-300 Felvey-315 Felvey-303 Felvey-316 Felvey-318 Felvey-332 Felvey-337 Felvey-347 Felvey-354 Felvey-355 Felvey-377 Felvey-378 Felvey-391 Felvey-383 Felvey-404 Felvey-412 taylor-1 taylorN2-1 Felvey-415 Felvey-420 Felvey-426 Felvey-437 Felvey-443 Felvey-446 Felvey-449 Felvey-465 Felvey-466 Felvey-485 Felvey-578 Felvey-493 Felvey-556 Felvey-564 Felvey-500 Felvey-531 Felvey-541 Felvey-551 Felvey-629 Felvey-655 Felvey-674 Felvey-691 Felvey-699 Felvey-707 Felvey-710 Felvey-712 Felvey-716 Felvey-731 Felvey-742 Felvey-743 Felvey-762 Felvey-785 Felvey-786 Felvey-787 Felvey-788Venue- Mint Springs Farm DJ- Snyder Entertainment

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