Girl in Purple- Hawaii Portrait Photographer

My first photoshoot on arrival to Pensacola was of a girl in purple hair with flowers, and now as I leave I will end the same way.

It’s winter season, which means everything has slowed down for me as a photographer and I am given the chance (or forced) to look at my business and see what needs to be improved, and pick up a few photoshoots that inspire me.

I love big epic concepts that take a long time to plan and style, but I also have a true love for just going outside with a few props and a subject and just letting the images come to me.

I am heading toward a rebrand in the next month that speaks a little more to me nowadays, but my love for creation stays the same.

2016-12-08_0001 2016-12-08_0002 2016-12-08_0003 2016-12-08_0004 2016-12-08_0006 2016-12-08_0007 2016-12-08_0005 2016-12-08_0009 2016-12-08_0008 2016-12-08_0010 2016-12-08_0015 2016-12-08_0011 2016-12-08_0012 2016-12-08_0016 2016-12-08_0013 2016-12-08_0014

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