Glenn + Joshua Wedding in Huntsville, AL

I had the great privilege of getting to be a part of Glenn & Joshua’s wedding day in Huntsville, Alabama.  I first met with the two of them to talk about their day in a bustling shop in New York where they currently reside, and have been looking forward to their celebration ever since.  Their wedding was held in a friend’s private home near Downtown Huntsville and wow was it a gorgeous venue!  The elegant decor inside gave an upscale feel while the outside courtyard backyard was basically built for such a special event.  It was truly a wonderful intimate celebration of close family and friends who came to share the evening together.

Check out the highlights below!-

Glenn_Josh-1.4 Glenn_Josh-1 Glenn_Josh-167 Glenn_Josh-4 Glenn_Josh-40 Glenn_Josh-7 Glenn_Josh-46 Glenn_Josh-48 Glenn_Josh-166 Glenn_Josh-156 Glenn_Josh-18 aaaGlenn_Josh-150 Glenn_Josh-70 Glenn_Josh-65 Glenn_Josh-110 Glenn_Josh-105 Glenn_Josh-130 Glenn_Josh-85 Glenn_Josh-141 Glenn_Josh-97 Glenn_Josh-116 Glenn_Josh-132 Glenn_Josh-197 Glenn_Josh-168 Glenn_Josh-192 Glenn_Josh-226 Glenn_Josh-237 Glenn_Josh-238 Glenn_Josh-240 Glenn_Josh-242 Glenn_Josh-255 Glenn_Josh-245 Glenn_Josh-259 Glenn_Josh-261 Glenn_Josh-222 Glenn_Josh-9 Glenn_Josh-264 Glenn_Josh-270 Glenn_Josh-274 Glenn_Josh-211 Glenn_Josh-311 Glenn_Josh-283 Glenn_Josh-52.2 Glenn_Josh-306 Glenn_Josh-319 Glenn_Josh-314 Glenn_Josh-316

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