Golden Mermaid in Hawaii – Oahu Photographer

From the moment I found out that I was moving to Hawaii over half a year ago, I started researching the island like mad and made an amazing discovery, there were mermaids there!  I knew that was something I really wanted to do as a creative session, and my dreams came true with the glittering gold mermaid brought to life by Stephanie otherwise known as Mermaid Sirenity.  We chose one of the most beautiful locations on the island, even though it is of course one of the hardest to get to as well.  Suffering always means more beauty right?  Yokohama Bay was perfect for a golden hour sunset and magical ocean waves crashing against the rocks.  I hope to keep the magic alive in an image with these highlights from our session below:

“I hear your voice on the wind
And I hear you call out my name.”
“Listen, my child, ” you say to me
“I am the voice of your history
Be not afraid, come follow me
Answer my call, and I’ll set you free”