Halloween Creature – Mummy || Rae Marshall Photography

It’s time to share my annual Halloween Creature, and this year it’s Mummy.  This is my SEVENTH creature that I’ve done (starting in 2010) and I’ve strived to do my creations with a mix of “edgy” and “pretty” like a lot of the rest of my taste in portrait work.

We are getting down to only a few uniquely Halloween monsters left, and I was sort of dreading Mummy because I felt like it could go pretty silly if not done well.  It’s basically just a person wrapped in cloth, and man did we laugh our heads off while Lacey walked around the park getting very confused looks.

I really like how it turned out, of course with Katie Vellman doing a fantastic job bringing her to life with the hair/makeup and wrapping her.

Hair/Makeup- Katie Vellman

Model- Lacey Cortez


Halloween Creature Project FULL

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