Halloween Creature Project FULL

I started my Halloween Creature project in 2010, not actually knowing I would be continuing it every year.  I’ve always loved the excuse to be a little more creative, and get to bring characters to life that have no one way to be expressed.  I decided that I wanted to do a more “pretty, less gorey” version of the creatures, because I am after all a fashion/beauty photographer at my core.  I’ve enjoyed each character more and more every year, and can’t wait until Halloween comes each time!

2010- Zombie- Model Corey Rives


2011- Vampire Model Cali Cheyenne & Candace Cherie

vampire52012- Ghost Model Annie L

ghost42013- Skeleton Model Bernadine Elizabeth

FINAL N Skeleton Manip2014- Werewolf hair/makeup Katie Vellman || Model Michelle Rene


Full Werewolf Photoshoot HERE


2015- The Bride of Frankenstein // hair/makeup/wig- Katie Vellman || Models- Katie Vellman & Sean Bennett


Full Bride of Frankenstein Shoot HERE

2016- Mummy // hair/makeup/wrapping Katie Vellman || Model- Lacey Cortez

Full Mummy Photoshoot HERE

2017- Witch // hair/makeup- Stephanie Baker || Model- Stephanie Baker

Full Witch Photoshoot HERE

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