Halloween Creature Series- Werewolf

I’m so excited to reveal my halloween creature for this year.  It all started in 2010 when I created a Zombie, and I continued the trend of creating a creature a year in celebration of Halloween.  Each year I see myself getting better, and it’s so much fun to have this look to look forward to and be accountable for.

I told my friend and makeup/hair artist Katie Vellman about the project, and she lept at the idea of helping me with designing the character.  She ended up making the ears herself, and bought the shawl and contacts to make the character come to life.  Throughout the project I’ve been adamant about each creature being creepy, but not gory, and still pretty.  Werewolf was a challenge to make fashionable as they are typically hairy nasty beasts.  But Katie pulled it off with the beautiful Michelle as our model, who is so gorgeous it had to be an awesome success.

Photography- Rae Marshall

Hair/Makeup Arist- Katie Vellman

Model- Michelle Rene

HALLOWEEN CREATURES OVER THE YEARS SO FAR: http://www.raemarshall.com/halloween-creature-project-full/


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