Hannah Portraits – Rae Marshall Photography

So I’m starting to get a girl crush on women who have side shaved hair styles, I think it’s so powerful and still feminine.  Hannah shows how gorgeous this look is when we met up in Jacksonville for an evening.  She brought along her sweet baby Liam and he wanted to be in a couple too.  I like showcasing women with so many aspects to their personality.
2017-03-05_0001 2017-03-05_0002 2017-03-05_0003 2017-03-05_0004 2017-03-05_0005 2017-03-05_0006stopped for a selfie
2017-03-05_0007 2017-03-05_0008 2017-03-05_0009 2017-03-05_0010 2017-03-05_0011 2017-03-05_0012 2017-03-05_0013 2017-03-05_0014 2017-03-05_0015 2017-03-05_0016 2017-03-05_0017 2017-03-05_0018

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