Harley+Amber Wedding at The Cordelle

I knew that Harley and Amber were an amazing couple from the moment I met them.  We did their engagement session in May when I found a beautiful yellow field, and discovered that they are both super photogenic and fun. (can view their engagement post here)

I put together a proposal video for the two and saw their romantic proposal Harley put together where he sent Amber clues that lead her to New York City, and couldn’t wait for their wedding day at new venue The Cordelle in Downtown Nashville on September 13th.

The Cordelle is just a beautiful unique space in the heart of Nashville, and Harley and Amber’s event was a blast, just like the two of them.  Check out the highlights below! Morrissey-13 Morrissey-17 Morrissey-21 Morrissey-41 Morrissey-35 Morrissey-46 Morrissey-50 Morrissey-53 Morrissey-56 Morrissey-59 Morrissey-133 Morrissey-81bw Morrissey-70 Morrissey-301 Morrissey-3 Morrissey-6 MorrisseyN-204 MorrisseyN-208 Morrissey-105 Morrissey-107 Morrissey-127 Morrissey-131 Morrissey-90 Morrissey-106 Morrissey-140 MorrisseyN-239 Morrissey-141 Morrissey-143 MorrisseyN-247 Morrissey-152 Morrissey-172 Morrissey-177 Morrissey-178 Morrissey-190 Morrissey-193 Morrissey-197 Morrissey-238 Morrissey-246 Morrissey-211 Morrissey-217 Morrissey-220 Morrissey-258 Morrissey-260 Morrissey-271 Morrissey-278 morrissey1 MorrisseyN-273 nMorrissey-445 Morrissey-322 Morrissey-346 Morrissey-347 Morrissey-361 Morrissey-378 Morrissey-387 Morrissey-389 Morrissey-410 Morrissey-418 Morrissey-483 Morrissey-517 Morrissey-520 Morrissey-531 Morrissey-537 Morrissey-546 Morrissey-293 Morrissey-439 Morrissey-500 Morrissey-501 Morrissey-513 Morrissey-584 Morrissey-619 Morrissey-627 Morrissey-645 Morrissey-651 Morrissey-652 Morrissey-654 Morrissey-656 Morrissey-658 Morrissey-663 Morrissey-665 MorrisseyN-350 MorrisseyN-346 Morrissey-732 Morrissey-734 Morrissey-752 Morrissey-755 Morrissey-759

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