Hayley + Jimbo Wedding in Birmingham, Alabama

I am just thrilled to get these highlights up for Jimbo & Hayley’s wedding day in Birmingham, Alabama.  I had the privilege of attending and photographing the rehearsal dinner the night before, and I knew then that the wedding day was going to be a lot of fun.  Both of these guys have such a positive light and sense of humor, and it showed throughout the day.

We had a blindfolded “first touch” with Jimbo and Hayley, with a special guest appearance from the dog that brought them together.  The night ended with an awesome celebration at The Florentine Building, a classy ball room filled with a lot of party animals.  Check out the highlights below!

Ceremony- St. Francis Xavier Church

Reception- Florentine Building

Rickey Whitley: Florist
Coretti Catering: Caterer
Wedding Dress: Bella Couture
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridesmaids Inc
Tuxes: Mr. Burch Formalwear

Dawkins-20 Dawkins-12 Dawkins-11 Dawkins-15 Dawkins-19 Dawkins-21Shoes- Kate Spade Dawkins-27 Dawkins-30 Dawkins-36 Dawkins-44 Dawkins-46 aaDawkinsN-7 Dawkins-112 Dawkins-171 Dawkins-54 Dawkins-57 Dawkins-63 Dawkins-74 Dawkins-78 Dawkins-86 Dawkins-89 Dawkins-41 Dawkins-94 Dawkins-103 Dawkins-109 Dawkins-115 Dawkins-121 Dawkins-145 Dawkins-155 Dawkins-158 Dawkins-161 Dawkins-183 Dawkins-185 Dawkins-188 Dawkins-193 Dawkins-195 Dawkins-197 Dawkins-216 Dawkins-100 Dawkins-224 Dawkins-231 Dawkins-238 Dawkins-247 Dawkins-256 Dawkins-262 Dawkins-278 Dawkins-282 Dawkins-286 Dawkins-287 Dawkins-300 Dawkins-302 Dawkins-313 Dawkins-305 Dawkins-317 Dawkins-320 Dawkins-325 Dawkins-355 Dawkins-358 Dawkins-333 Dawkins-345 Dawkins-243 Dawkins-330 Dawkins-351 Dawkins-389 Dawkins-373 Dawkins-378 Dawkins-381 Dawkins-395 Dawkins-399 Dawkins-401 Dawkins-412 Dawkins-418 Dawkins-425 Dawkins-449 Dawkins-455 Dawkins-462 Dawkins-482 Dawkins-490 Dawkins-508 Dawkins-524 Dawkins-531 Dawkins-568 Dawkins-575 Dawkins-577 Dawkins-580 Dawkins-583 Dawkins-594 Dawkins-551 Dawkins-616 Dawkins-617 Dawkins-619

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