Your insecurities are preventing you from making memories

I saw a new Dove Commerical video from Portugal late a few nights ago and felt… deeply moved by it.  Dove is totally killing it lately with their commercials!  It lead me to this blog post topic today because I want to tell you something.  Making memories is the content to a life well lived.  Don’t wait to get in photographs until you are close enough to this crazy beauty standard.  And here is why.

There are so many reasons that this commercial is touching.  These men are at first looking at photographs of perfect women, supermodels that we are conditioned to think are the standard for beauty.  It can be really, really… really hard to shake that idea.  Even if you are aware of it and consider yourself independent and confident with yourself.  Body image is something that every woman and yes every man has to deal with in a world where gorgeous music artists, actors, models are who we see plaster on every corner daily.  But a perfect image should not and MUST not be what we strive for every day.
There is too much life to capture around us and happening with us to avoid letting ourselves enjoy it.

I could tell you about the many times I have taken selfies over and over to get one that hid something I don’t like about my face, how I’d rather not smile in photos because it makes my face look bigger, how annoyed I was that an outfit I chose looked bad in our group outing snap.

But I can also tell you about the times I may have forgotten a wonderful moment if not for a photo that I saw pop up later in one of my facebook albums.  My engagement shoot in Italy with my husband is one of the most special memories of my life.  The iphone pics my husband takes of me while I’m not looking make me want to throw the phone away, but he loves them because it reminds him of our daily life in our first year of marriage.

Don’t step out of the frame

It hurts to watch when a mom steps out of the scene at a wedding because she doesn’t want to be on camera.  You are a part of this special moment.  I know that your children want to see you, the way you look is how they know you.  The photos of me with my mother are some of my favorite from the entire day.  I’ve heard people of all kinds tell me they will schedule photographs with their family when they lose weight.  But if not now, when will you be happy enough with yourself?  Don’t wait until that time in your life is gone.

We ALL have some insecurities

I greatly dislike my side profile.  I know my nose is kinda big, and my chin is kinda lame.  And I actually saw a BEAUTIFUL clip of myself recently in the sunset with my husband, and the first stupid thing I saw was my big nose.

I said something later about it to my husband, about how we had such a great time and how fun it was to have this memory with him, and that I’m pretty good at just embracing myself but that I wish my nose wasn’t so big.  He just looked surprised and laughed.


“…What?  I guess now that you say it I realize that a magazine may have different ideas about your side profile, but that’s a shame. I just think it’s cute and associate it with how happy I am to see your face in the morning. It’s just a part of the you that I love”


So with that, please don’t wait to make memories with your loved ones, because life isn’t waiting for anyone. Celebrate the love you have for each other, and remember the love they have for you.

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