Jeff & Nikita Engagement in Pensacola

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff & Nikita for their engagement session last week and knew immediately that they have a great love story together.  The two of them live in Pensacola but wanted something a little different than beach images that is so easy to do a lot of here.  We headed to Big Lagoon State Park and had a wonderful time getting beautiful images in the greenery.  The sunset was the kind that photographers live for, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better this evening.  I can’t wait for their wedding on May 7th!  Check out the highlights below-
Nikita_Jeff-3Nikita_Jeff-22Nikita_Jeff-1Nikita_Jeff-20Nikita_Jeff-2Nikita_Jeff-5Nikita_Jeff-12Nikita_Jeff-9Nikita_Jeff-15Nikita_Jeff-16Nikita_Jeff-18Nikita_Jeff-25Nikita_Jeff-28Nikita_Jeff-29Nikita_Jeff-42Nikita_Jeff-32Nikita_Jeff-38Nikita_Jeff-35bwNikita_Jeff-31Nikita_Jeff-48Nikita_Jeff-45Nikita_Jeff-51Nikita_Jeff-53Nikita_Jeff-54Nikita_Jeff-55Nikita_Jeff-63Nikita_Jeff-60Nikita_Jeff-59Nikita_Jeff-62Nikita_Jeff-67Nikita brought along this 8 ball as a fun accessory because when Jeff would pass by where the two worked, she would secretly talk with her friend about how she had a crush on him, and would shake the ball to see if they would ever be together.  She swears it always answered- yes


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