Jenna – Senior Portraits in Downtown Franklin

Well I can honestly say this is one of my favorite people to take portraits of, my younger sister Jenna.  My family came into Nashville to visit for two reasons.  The first was to celebrate my engagement, and the second was to have me take Jenna’s senior portraits!

I can’t believe she’s about to graduate and go to college.  We started out in my indoor studio home, and moved to Downtown Franklin for some gorgeous shots of this photogenic girl.  Check out the highlights below!

Jenna-63 Jenna-74 Jenna-44 Jenna-22 Jenna-79 Jenna-105 Jenna-119 Jenna-153 Jenna-158 Jenna-196 Jenna-175 Jenna-181 Jenna-193 Jenna-162

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