Jonathan + Callie Engagement in Nashville

I got to meet up with Callie and Jonathan in Nashville while they were in town for the holidays all the way from Austin, Texas.  They also brought along Callie’s sister and her husband for moral support and a few photos all together!  We chose one of the few remaining green locations in Nashville during the winter weather for some gorgeous natural photos of the two of them.

Callie loves free people (as do I) and wore pieces from there to complete a classic look.  Check out the highlights from their session below!
Callie_Jonathon-1 Callie_Jonathon-3 Callie_Jonathon-12 Callie_Jonathon-17 Callie_Jonathon-18 Callie_Jonathon-15 Callie_Jonathon-20 Callie_Jonathon-21 Callie_Jonathon-14 Callie_Jonathon-26 Callie_Jonathon-24 Callie_Jonathon-23 Callie_Jonathon-25 Callie_Jonathon-28 Callie_Jonathon-31 Callie_Jonathon-35 Callie_Jonathon-27 Callie_Jonathon-37 Callie_Jonathon-42 Callie_Jonathon-40 Callie_Jonathon-46 Callie_Jonathon-47 Callie_Jonathon-43 Callie_Jonathon-48 Callie_Jonathon-45 Callie_Jonathon-50 Callie_Jonathon-51 Callie_Jonathon-52 Callie_Jonathon-54 Callie_Jonathon-63 Callie_Jonathon-68 Callie_Jonathon-66 Callie_Jonathon-70 Callie_Jonathon-71 Callie_Jonathon-76 Callie_Jonathon-77 Callie_Jonathon-60 Callie_Jonathon-81 Callie_Jonathon-80 Callie_Jonathon-78 Callie_Jonathon-74 Callie_Jonathon-89

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