Julia & Magwan Engagement in Nashville

I first ran into Magwan & Julia at another wedding, when Julia was the bridesmaid at Emilie & Trevor’s wedding day (where she caught the bouquet!)  And couldn’t have been more excited when they contacted me for their own celebration of marriage.  It’s clear they have such a great connection together and made our evening in Shelby Park so easy and fun.  I can’t wait for their wedding day next year, but until then check out their engagement session highlights below!
Julia_Magwan-5 Julia_Magwan-1 Julia_Magwan-4 Julia_Magwan-10 Julia_Magwan-6 Julia_Magwan-9 Julia_Magwan-15 Julia_Magwan-7 Julia_Magwan-18 Julia_Magwan-19 Julia_Magwan-21 Julia_Magwan-24 Julia_Magwan-26 Julia_Magwan-28 Julia_Magwan-32 Julia_Magwan-29 Julia_Magwan-31 Julia_Magwan-33 Julia_Magwan-34 Julia_Magwan-35 Julia_Magwan-41 Julia_Magwan-40 Julia_Magwan-38 Julia_Magwan-44 Julia_Magwan-45 Julia_Magwan-47 Julia_Magwan-49 Julia_Magwan-48 Julia_Magwan-55 Julia_Magwan-52 Julia_Magwan-56 Julia_Magwan-60bw Julia_Magwan-61 Julia_Magwan-53

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