Katie- Minimalist in Abandon

I love photography because I can capture moments, and immortalize memories for people and myself from events that happened in our lives.

But sometimes, I also love and enjoy photography because it allows me to create a scene that didn’t exist before as an artist, by using real life tools and subjects.  

Light is a photographer’s paint brush, and our subjects are shaded and defined by how we choose to use it.  I knew I wanted to do something with a fine powder that make light rays more visible, and headed to this unbelievable empty and abandoned home in Pensacola during sunset when the sun streamed through this particular window.

Rachel Christine did hair and makeup and tried an amazing different look, to evoke something more surreal and ethereal.  I hope you enjoy this experiment from three women who just want to see what they can create.

Hair/Makeup- Rachel Christine

Model- Katie Ledbetter

2016-04-27_0018 2016-04-27_0013 2016-04-27_0014 2016-04-27_0015 2016-04-27_0016 2016-04-27_0017 2016-04-27_0020 2016-04-27_0019 2016-04-27_0021 2016-04-27_0022 2016-04-27_0024 2016-04-27_0023 2016-04-27_0029 2016-04-27_0025 2016-04-27_0027 2016-04-27_0026 2016-04-27_0030 2016-04-27_0028 2016-04-27_0031 2016-04-27_0033 2016-04-27_0032 2016-04-27_0034 2016-04-27_0036 2016-04-27_0037 2016-04-27_0038 2016-04-27_0039 2016-04-27_0040

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