Kelsie Portraits in North Florida

I met up with Kelsie in Pensacola a few weeks ago for some portraits with a mix between a fashion sexy vibe.  The rooftop location we went to was great for a simple but unique outdoor look, and the sun came out at the end as a nice touch.

Kelsie is in awesome shape and has done a lot of great fitness modeling, so this was a more fashion twist to show off a different side of her.  Check out the highlights from this session below!

Hair/makeup- Jillian Jensen Holt
Kelsie-3 Kelsie-2 Kelsie-8 Kelsie-11 Kelsie-10 Kelsie-16 Kelsie-15 Kelsie-21 Kelsie-20 Kelsie-23 Kelsie-26 Kelsie-29 Kelsie-32 Kelsie-35 Kelsie-43 Kelsie-37 Kelsie-39 Kelsie-45 Kelsie-42 Kelsie-50 Kelsie-46 Kelsie-55 Kelsie-56 Kelsie-57 Kelsie-60 Kelsie-62 Kelsie-58

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