Kim & Van Wedding – Santa Rosa Beach

The 30a area is absolutely my favorite place to visit in Florida, and is also home of some of the most gorgeous wedding days I get to be a part of.  Van & Kim’s wedding day story is a sweet one, as they have already been married for 4 years but never got to have a wedding day as Van is in the military.  They currently live in Virginia and decided to have a small, intimate destination wedding day in Santa Rosa.  Kim loves pink, and her details were so feminine and chic!  Their reception was beautiful, with their closest friends making sure the dance floor was jumping and the bubbles came out before they could make it to the exit!

Venue- Watercolor Inn & Resort – The Boathouse

Florals- Bella Flora

Hair- Mindy Norris

Wedding Coordinator- Cheryl Walton

Videographer- Silver Shades Studios

DJ and Officiant- B-Boy Productions

Cake- Bake My Day
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