Lance + Michelle Wedding at Mint Springs Farm

Nashville weather has been up and down lately, so you never know what it will be on any given day.  On March 14th it decided to go in a moodier direction, but truly nothing could spoil such a beautiful union of two people in love at Mint Springs Farm. Michelle looked gorgeous on the porch overlooking the landscape, and Lance couldn’t help but get emotional when he saw her for the first time down the aisle.  There were so many great details that made their day personal, and it was a joy to witness. What a sweet day to celebrate their love, check out the highlights below!

Rolston-2 Rolston-8 Rolston-10 Rolston-1 Rolston-24 Rolston-46 Rolston-58 Rolston-65 Rolston-40 Rolston-274 RolstonN-13 RolstonN-5 RolstonN-26 Rolston-129 Rolston-137 Rolston-147 Rolston-266.2 Rolston-108 Rolston-74 Rolston-72 Rolston-84 Rolston-86 Rolston-172 Rolston-180 Rolston-183 Rolston-192 Rolston-196 Rolston-214 Rolston-235 Rolston-242 Rolston-245 Rolston-259 Rolston-264 Rolston-166 Rolston-152 Rolston-162 Rolston-127 Rolston-265 Rolston-165 Rolston-315 Rolston-346 Rolston-353.4 Rolston-356 Rolston-360 Rolston-366 Rolston-374 Rolston-381 Rolston-389 Rolston-398 Rolston-402 Rolston-439 Rolston-442 Rolston-445 Rolston-452 Rolston-453 Rolston-462 Rolston-464 Rolston-468 Rolston-478 Rolston-486 Rolston-490 Rolston-494 Rolston-496 RolstonN-50 Rolston-544 Rolston-502 Rolston-280 Rolston-290 Rolston-278 Rolston-524 Rolston-525 Rolston-589 Rolston-300 Rolston-564 Rolston-618 Rolston-659 Rolston-661 Rolston-678 Rolston-686 Rolston-687 Rolston-698 Rolston-701 Rolston-717 Rolston-738 Rolston-736Venue- Mint Springs Farm

Catering- Chef Penelope’s Catering

DJ- Snyder Entertainment

Dress:  Allure Bridal from Bridal Warehouse
Cake: Signature Cakes by Vicki
Dessert Bar:  BJackson’s Bakery
Hair/Makeup:  Amy Lynn Larwig
Videographer:  Complete Nashville
Ceremony Music:  College Grove Strings
Wedding Planner:  Jamie Kiser
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