Lauren & Brittany Proposal on Santa Rosa Beach

Wow it’s been a wonderful month of watching some of my closest friends find their soul mates.  I first met Lauren in 6th grade, almost 15 years ago.  She is not only a friend, but now like a sibling, one who I grew up with and learned about the world with.  We have the same childhood memories, senses of humor,  and best friends.  She is truly one of the kindest, loving people I know.  And many others think this highly of Lauren as well, as made clear by the support to cheer her and Brittany on this weekend.    As for Brittany, she is a true gem, and a perfect match for Lauren.  She fit in from day one and organized this fantastic weekend getaway at the beach to show Lauren how much she loves her and wants her to be surrounded by people who agree.  It was a thrill to share this moment of happiness and love with you two.

Does this count as my speech at your rehearsal dinner, because I just said a lot of nice things about you guys.  But anyway, please enjoy this joyous occasion below.

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