Maitha & Andreas – Portraits in Positano, Italy

Our visit to Positano was basically a dream, I can’t believe I was even there until I look back at images that prove I was.  My fiance and I travelled to Europe this past holiday season with his family as they lived in Austria for two years, and it was his mothers dream to spend a Christmas back in Salzburg.

Philip and I then took a detour to Positano to satisfy my love with Italy and spend a vacation together while he had time off from military training.  We met with the amazing Maitha and Andreas, who did our engagement images in this beautiful city.  Well I wanted some images too, who could resist!  So I asked them to run around through the city one more time before they headed back to Belgium.  Check out some of the highlights below:

smallPositano-15 Positano-49 Positano-12 Positano-8 Lunde-1 Lunde-5 Lunde-7 Lunde-9 Positano-50 smallPositano-28 Lunde-16 anLunde-18 Lunde-22 Lunde-20 Lunde-21 Lunde-19 Lunde-28 Lunde-25 Lunde-45 Lunde-40 Positano-37 Lunde-37

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