Matt & Jessica Engagement in Leipers Fork

I can’t think of anything that’s much more exciting as a photographer than realizing that the incredible vintage red car parked near your location that you’ve been staring out is actually part of your session.

I met up with Jessica & Matt in Leiper’s Fork, TN, a small historic area with a lot of character.  The owner of the car graciously allowed us to use his prized award winning car for some images.  Jessica has a great talent in styling and brought just the right items to put together a timeless classic look.  I enjoyed hanging out with these two joyful people so much and cannot wait for their upcoming wedding day!
Jessica_Matt-6 Jessica_Matt-2 Jessica_Matt-1 Jessica_Matt-9 Jessica_Matt-8 Jessica_Matt-12 Jessica_Matt-13 Jessica_Matt-38 Jessica_Matt-20 Jessica_Matt-17 Jessica_Matt-11 Jessica_Matt-27 Jessica_Matt-23 Jessica_Matt-42 Jessica_Matt-21 Jessica_Matt-33 Jessica_Matt-19 Jessica_Matt-31 Jessica_Matt-32 Jessica_Matt-47 Jessica_Matt-46 Jessica_Matt-36 Jessica_Matt-40 Jessica_Matt-45 Jessica_Matt-41 Jessica_Matt-52 Jessica_Matt-53 Jessica_Matt-64 Jessica_Matt-60 Jessica_Matt-59 Jessica_Matt-57 Jessica_Matt-65 Jessica_Matt-66 Jessica_Matt-67 Jessica_Matt-69 Jessica_Matt-73 Jessica_Matt-76 Jessica_Matt-68

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