Megan+Ross Wedding at The Lighthouse in Hendersonville

I just love The Lighthouse in Hendersonville, and it was such a joy to return and get to be a part of Megan and Ross’s wedding day. I already knew from their engagement session a few months ago that they are such a fun couple, and the wedding day was no disappointment. I just adored the details on the day, including the pink color pops and the amazing music from the band. Check out the details below!

Venue: The Lighthouse at Hendersonville
Band: The Band Entice
Makeup/Hair: Jenni Chindavanh
Florist: Greenfinch florist
Photobooth: Snyder Entertainment
Cake: Covered with Icing

WigginsN-60 Wiggins-12 Wiggins-2 Wiggins-24 Wiggins-26 Wiggins-21 Wiggins-7 Wiggins-33 Wiggins-35 Wiggins-38 WigginsN-6 Wiggins-39 Wiggins-47 Wiggins-50 Wiggins-49 Wiggins-53 Wiggins-58 Wiggins-62 Wiggins-111 Wiggins-189 Wiggins-70 Wiggins-98 Wiggins-100 Wiggins-102 Wiggins-123 Wiggins-124 Wiggins-143 Wiggins-146 Wiggins-153 Wiggins-160 WigginsN-31 Wiggins-167 Wiggins-176 Wiggins-22 WigginsR-100 Wiggins-216 Wiggins-206 Wiggins-217 Wiggins-220 Wiggins-223 Wiggins-233 Wiggins-242 Wiggins-243 Wiggins-250 Wiggins-255 Wiggins-258 Wiggins-262 Wiggins-263 Wiggins-269 Wiggins-271 Wiggins-276 Wiggins-278 Wiggins-280 Wiggins-281 Wiggins-282 WigginsN-46 Wiggins-307 Wiggins-309 Wiggins-313 Wiggins-323 Wiggins-328 Wiggins-335 Wiggins-347 Wiggins-338 Wiggins-350 Wiggins-357 Wiggins-354 Wiggins-191 WigginsN-62 Wiggins-203 Wiggins-205 Wiggins-19 Wiggins-213 Wiggins-214 Wiggins-225 Wiggins-227 Wiggins-367 Wiggins-407 Wiggins-410 WigginsN-73 WigginsN-77 WigginsN-79 WigginsN-81 WigginsN-81.1 WigginsR Wiggins-388 WigginsN-93 WigginsN-88 WigginsN-91 Wiggins-390 WigginsR-52 WigginsR-58 WigginsR-39 WigginsR-44 WigginsN-101 Wiggins-188 WigginsN-105 WigginsN-107 WigginsR-76 WigginsR-90 WigginsR-92 WigginsR-94 WigginsR-99 WigginsR-113 WigginsR-120 WigginsR-124 WigginsR-130 WigginsR-136 WigginsR-138 WigginsR-144

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