Model Photographer Meetup in Dayton TN

I had the privilege of being invited to a Shootout Event in Dayton, TN this past weekend at Pocket Wilderness. The event was set up by Adrienne McNellis Photography, a great photographer in the area and many photographers and models, as well as stylists and designers attended. Here are some of the highlights from the images we all made! I just loved everyone’s set ups and outfits, and the location was amazing!

Shootout-6 Shootout-2 Shootout-7 Shootout-18 Shootout-20 Shootout-21 Shootout-24 Shootout-27 Shootout-31 Shootout-37 Shootout-50 Shootout-59 Shootout-61 Shootout-69 Shootout-70 Shootout-98 Shootout-84 Shootout-85 Shootout-96 Shootout-95

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