Model Portraits- Mary @ BMG

I got to catch Mary in Florida just before she headed up to New York to continue her modeling career for some test images.  It was a little colder than normal on this day but we had a great time walking through the city and getting some images.  It’s always super easy when you have a professional model to work with, so I just let her do what she’s good at!

* I asked for a few bonus images as we were leaving to head back home when I saw a large puddle on the ground in a parking lot.  Check out the highlights below-

Mary-7 Mary-5 Mary-8 Mary-17 Mary-10 Mary-19 Mary-23 Mary-27 Mary-36 Mary-49 Mary-34 Mary-39 Mary-59 Mary-76 Mary-75 Mary-77 Mary-82 Mary-97 Mary-92 Mary-100 Mary-112 aaMary-111 Mary-114

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