Morgan & Adam Engagement || Rae Marshall Photography

I met up with Adam and Morgan for my first engagement session of the year this past week, a cold day in January.  But you can’t tell most of Huntsville is flat for the winter season with the gorgeous scenes we found and the sun peeping out.  Never mind that our second location is on the side of the road, I just tell my couples to trust me… it’ll look great on camera!  Morgan is such a compassionate soul and it easily shines through for everyone to see.  These two are perfect for each other and their wedding day in April is sure to be a show stopper! 2017-01-07_0017 2017-01-07_0019 2017-01-07_0021 2017-01-07_0018 2017-01-07_0020 2017-01-07_0023 2017-01-07_0022 2017-01-07_0024 2017-01-07_0025 2017-01-07_0027 2017-01-07_0029 2017-01-07_0026 2017-01-07_0028 2017-01-07_0032 2017-01-07_0030 2017-01-07_0031 2017-01-07_0034 2017-01-07_0035 2017-01-07_0033 2017-01-07_0036 2017-01-07_0040 2017-01-07_0038 2017-01-07_0037 2017-01-07_0039 2017-01-07_0041 2017-01-07_0042

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