Moving to Hawaii – Our First Week with VIDEO!

Well you may have seen by now but I’m officially living in Hawaii!  It’s hard to describe what our first week has been like.  I had never even visited before so it’s been quite a learning experience about the island itself.

We first arrived to the airport at 3:30pm or 9:30pm where we left from.  It’s an older building full of gorgeous flowers and happy people, a lot like the rest of the island.  We picked up our cats with no problems when we arrived (thank goodness, the cats were such a hassle to get here) and were given leis on arrival by a new friend of ours (thank you Vanessa Hicks!).  We tried to stay up as long as possible to catch up with the time change and had our first look at Kailua for dinner.

Over the past week I’ve been happy to see so much diversity here. There are a lot of Japanese locals and tourists and we’re going to be getting used to eating ramen all the time.  There are chickens on the side of the road and it’s 70 degrees all the time (currently).  We have no idea how to pronounce any of the street names yet but we are getting there.

We actually did more than what I have in this video but it was my first time “vlogging” and I may do a few more videos about Hawaii if anyone is interested in learning more about island life.

Please enjoy this video of highlights of our first week and photos below!