Rae Marshall Photography- Best of 2014

I put together my first “Best of the year” blog post last year in 2013, and it was almost shocking to look back at all the work I had created and people I had met in the span of one year.  I knew I wanted to do it for each year continuing, to look back fondly on not only the images I made, but some of the experiences I had through my photography journey.

2014 has been without a doubt my most exciting year in photography yet, and a milestone in many ways.  Here’s a few of the things that happened this year:

– Photographed a wedding at Kami-Con in Birmingham

– Visited Europe for the first time

– Photographed a wedding on a rooftop on Broadway in Nashville

– Got to visit and work in Los Angeles for the first time

– Moved into a new place capable of being a quaint studio

– Watched Seth Myers perform his show in Nashville all alone from backstage

– Ran around Broadway while it was blocked off for a commercial and a monster truck

– Photographed Doug the Pug

– Saw a lot of people in love get married

– Enjoyed the sites in Washington D.C

– Visited NASA to photograph an engineer for Cosmopolitan

– Meet and work with youtuber and personality Tyler Oakley

– Worked with a lot of amazing talents on many shoots

– Visited the Marine base for the first time in Quantico

– Got Engaged (August 29th, 2014)

I will be back in Europe this Christmas, can’t wait to see what’s coming up then, and for the years to come.  My photography is a huge part of my life journey, so here’s a glimpse into my heart and soul:

Explore-5square Amber-88 Acuff-89 Allie-34 Anderson-21 April-120 Armistead-362 Bloom-45 Engagement-87 CharityLA2-35 Bridal-100 sunny4 Brock-Rain-69 Budlight Sun-37 Liv-144 Budlight Sun-142 Budlight2-14 Bunny-37 Marine-1 Carrie-49 CharityLA-20bw Tyler-4 Emily-227 Engagement-37 Engagement-96bw Engagement-105 April-270 Europe1-18 Europe1-130 Europe2-146 Europe3-47 F1Europe2-129 F2Europe1-26 F3Europe3-59 F4Europe2-12 F5Europe2-92 F6Europe1-163 F7Europe3-12 Farmer-75 FCarla-278 Roberts-114 FMaya-1 Johnathan1-20 Kelsey-11 Armistead-411 Lane-334 Lenzner-190 Morrissey-141 Leslie1-17 Shootout-31 Liv-197 Maya-28 morrissey1 NASA1-23 Nashville-37 Bridal-59 Photopalooza-57 Photopalooza-62 Rhian-29 Roberts nashvillesquare Royer-10 shandra-275 shandra-381 Bloom-146 shandra-566 Kelsey-60 Shootout-37 Sunny1 sunny2 Thanksgiving14-25 Morrissey-752 Wiggins-313 Breanna-41 Breanna-100 DRae House Engagement-96 wolf-1 F2gold silver-4 Farmer-54 FMarissa-5 Smith-355 Tiffany-Austin-412 halloween-7 WigginsR-76 Jenna-162 Jessica1-15 Tyler-98 rae nashville nature-9My favorite event in 2014 Marry-4

It can seem daunting to look forward to the unknown, but I can’t wait to see what the next year holds!

– Love,


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