Wedding Photography- Love it or Hate it?!

One of the number one questions I get when talking to clients or even other photographers is this:

“What is your favorite thing to photograph?”


Meaning they want to know, do I like fashion? seniors? music artists? Or weddings the MOST? It’s not a bad question because they are all very different genres, and each one I photograph with a different goal and style of shooting in mind.

BUT I don’t really like this question because if I choose one, then it means that I don’t like the others quite as much.  And that’s not really true.  I’ve chosen to specialize in the above portrait categories because they all have one thing in common-

representing people as their best, most beautiful self.


I think one of the real goals of people asking this question is to find out what I think about shooting weddings, because they’ve heard the rumors. The talk of wedding photography is that you LOVE it, or you HATE it. It’s definitely thought of as one of the most difficult photography jobs you can do, because of the amount of time, skill, pressure, speed and knowledge it takes all wrapped in one day!

And in my experience, I think that’s usually true, you do either love it or hate it. I know photographers that won’t come near a wedding with a 10 foot pole. And that’s good for them! Give yourself and others the gift of shooting what you’re passionate about.  But one thing is for sure, I love love love wedding photography.


I love everything about it!

I love high paced situations that you are required to tackle, I love the color themes and styling of each couple, I love photographing a bride about to walk down the aisle in the dress she picked out.  But most of all I love the meaning of photographing a couple and a family on their wedding day.

I’m watching two people see each other for the first time on the day they say I do. I see moms cry when they put the veil over their daughters head, and hear vows that can make you melt.  I truly believe in the power of love, and I’ve seen it time and time again.  It never gets old.

I want to get this out there, this job is HARD WORK!  It’s a high level of skill that requires a lot of experience and technique.  You should know when moments tend to happen before they do, and you better be able to change your camera settings in 2 seconds while in the dark.   (Don’t make the disastrous mistake of shooting your first wedding thinking it will be like a portrait session!!!)

The wedding industry can be extravagant, and planning a wedding can get pretty crazy if you let it. But I can tell you that if you don’t lose what it’s really about, it’s just fun.


I loved getting all my loved ones together to talk about what dresses we want to wear, and figure out how to throw the best party for all of our family and friends. It brings us together, and that’s what it’s all about.  How amazing is it that when my wedding day is over, I still get to be a writer in countless other amazing love stories.


I truly have the best job in the world for me, and I can only hope to continue to do wedding photography for as long as I can.

Best of love,

– Rae


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